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Car Roof Box and Boat in One!

Only 7 weeks to go before we see the launch of the anticipated Boatbox Leisure Tour. This fabulous car roof box has a storing capacity of 650 litres making it one of the largest car roof boxes on the market today. However, this car roof box is not only a robust roof box, it is also a beautifully crafted and quality double skinned boat, that can be rowed (oars supplied) and/or powered by an electric or petrol outboard motor.

The ‘Boat Box’ concept was originally conceived by boating enthusiast and ex naval mariner ‘Mark Tilley’. Marks’ first exposure with the product was on the TV series ‘Dragons’ Den’ with an appearance later in 2013 on ‘Sir Alan Sugars – The Apprentice’.

However, it wasn’t until early 2014 when BoatBox International was formed that the original concept received the much needed investment, product development and retail expertise required. These attributes came from established businessman ‘Carl Chambers’ the company’s new Managing Director, who already has a wealth of international companies within his portfolio.

Today Carl & Mark head up the BoatBox International team of dedicated individuals with a true passion for the product. The company’s first product the BBi LeisureTour is designed and manufactured in the UK, an attribute the team is keen to continue with subsequent models.


More about the Boatbox / Amphibious Car Roof Box

The BoatBox International (BBi) LeisureTour is the world’s first amphibious car roof box, as seen on Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice. This dual-purpose car roof box not only appeals to those with a love for the open water, the product also has one of the largest storage capacities on the market today (650 Ltrs).

Whether you have selected the BBi LeisureTour for its amphibious capability or storage capacity you can be assured of receiving a quality well-finished product, designed and manufactured in the UK. Made from lightweight and durable ABS plastic with stainless steel fittings the uniquely designed BBi LeisureTour will provide outstanding performance both on the car and on the water!

This dual-purpose product is easily adapted from a high-capacity lockable roof box to a stable dinghy, capable of propelling both adults and children (up to a combined weight of 125kg) across the water. An electric outboard motor with a maximum thrust of 30lbs is available as an optional extra.

The BBi LeisureTour is the ideal travel accessory for active families who are looking for a little more adventure than a standard roof box has to offer. Or, for those more experienced sea-legged individuals the BBi LeisureTour is the perfect tender for those weekends away.


Multiple Roof Box / Boatbox colour options

The Boatbox Leisure Tour comes is a choice of seven colours, unique to the car roof box industry, offering colour coding with your vehicle was well as that individualistic touch.

Roof Box / Boatbox Accessories

We offer a full range of accessories for both roof box and Boatbox. These include replacement parts, personalised items as well as safety accessories such as life jackets. A full list of our accessories please visit our car roof box and boat box accessories page

Pre-order your Boatbox now!

To pre-order your Boatbox, please visit our car roof box and boatbox products page


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